Frequently Asked Questions

  • What makes "handmade" products special?
    The incomparability of handmade work. A special quality and uniqueness is given to your product in elaborate handwork. Material thickness, color nuances and small air pockets make each glass unique.
  • Are there any special hints to color-finished / decorated glasses?
    Please remove the LEONARDO sticker carefully. Removal with sharp objects, scouring pads or chemical agents will damage the paint. To make sure that you do not damage the glass, these products should always be washed by hand.
  • Are there any special care instructions for LEONARDO jewelry?
    In order to enjoy your jewelry for a long time, you should observe the following rules: Avoid wearing the jewelry while doing housework, gardening, swimming or sport. Avoid direct contact with the following substances: cosmetics (for example creams, hair sprays, deodorants or perfume), water (especially salt water) and detergents. Use commercially available silver care product to avoid possible darkening of the silver.